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17.Drink green Tea

Green Tea is a very healthy beverage. It contains caffeine and the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are believed to increase metabolism.  EGCG, a catechin in green Tea, has been shown to help with belly fat loss. Green Tea can increase the effect when combined with ...

16.Consider intermittent fasting

As a weight-loss method, intermittent fasting is very in demand. It is a pattern of eating that alternates between fasting and eating  One popular method is 24-hour fasts, which can be done once or twice weekly. Another option is to fast for 16 hours daily and eat all your food in eight ...

14.Reduce your intake of fruit juice.

Fruit juice is rich in vitamins and minerals but is just as sweet as soda or other sweetened drinks. An example: A 8-ounce (248 milliliters) glass of unsweetened apple juice has 24 g sugar. More than half is fructose. Research shows that high intakes of fruit juice can lead to weight gain. ...

13.Every week, eat fatty Fish.

Fatty Fish is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. They are rich in high-quality protein and Omega-3 fats which may help protect against chronic diseases.  Evidence suggests that these omega-3 oils may help to reduce visceral Fat. Studies on adults and children with the fatty-liver ...

7.Cardio exercise (cardio).

Cardio (aerobic exercise) is a great way to improve your health and burn calories. According to studies, it can also be an effective exercise to reduce belly fat. But, the results are mixed on whether high-intensity exercise is better ( 27Trusted Source, 28Trusted Source and 29Trusted Source). ...

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