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11.Restful sleep is key to your well-being.

Your health is affected by how much sleep you get. Research shows that insufficient sleep can lead to obesity and an increase in belly fat ( 43Trusted source, 44Trusted source 45TrustedSource, 46TrustedSource).

A 16-year study that involved more than 68,000 women showed that those who slept less than 5 hours per day were more likely to gain weight (47 Trusted Source).

The condition of periods of sleep apnea, in which breathing stops during the night, has been linked to excessive visceral Fat ( 48Trusted Source).

You should also ensure that you are getting enough quality sleep.

Talk to your doctor if you believe you may have sleep apnea.


A higher risk of weight gain is associated with sleep deprivation. If you want to lose weight, you must get enough quality sleep.



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