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Here Are 5 Food Items You Should Avoid |

It’s a saying that is quite common in various regions. You are what you consume. It doesn’t show more evidence from your teeth. There are different food items that you might be consuming daily, and you are unaware that they will be adding a plaque to the gums and teeth. It will end up seriously damaging your teeth altogether. If you don’t know, it’s a sticky type of bacteria that will decay your teeth to the extent from which it’s not possible to get it back. The primary culprit behind it is the items with sugar. It will produce bacteria that will break out an acid that will target your teeth’s enamel. These acids will create cavities, and when we look at the statistics, it is one of the most chronic teeth illnesses in the young generation. The most common problems you will face with these cavities are chewing issues, toothache, abscesses, etc. If you keep having the sugary items and are not paying attention in the form of flossing and brushing, the plaque will keep getting hard, and eventually, you may have gum disease such as gingivitis. In this blog, we will discuss a few food items that you must eliminate from your routine.

Protect Your Teeth Here Are 5 Food Items You Should Avoid

Protect Your Teeth Here Are 5 Food Items You Should Avoid


You are back from the office, and to get a quick snack to calm your cravings, you reach out to the refrigerator and get yourself bread and jam. Think twice before following this routine again. While you are chewing the bread, it is being transformed into a gummy paste that will end up sitting in the crevices of the teeth. It’s the start of the process where cavities will start to form. We would recommend going for whole wheat items to satisfy your carbs craving.

Carbonated Beverages

Whether they have mentioned the word ‘diet’ or not, the carbonated drinks come with no health benefit whatsoever. A few recent case studies have been published where it is seen that consuming a good amount of carbonated beverages such as soda will have the same effect on the teeth as if you had C10H15N or cocaine. These drinks will offer more resources to the plaque to release harmful acid.


Everyone is aware that consuming alcohol is hugely harmful to our health. It is precisely so for our teeth. Alcohol ends up drying out our mouth, and when the saliva is missing, the health of our jaw is at stake. It’s a crucial factor in getting rid of all the food particles that are stuck to our teeth. Saliva is the primary factor that helps us get rid of some oral infections. We highly recommend consuming a good amount of water and using fluoride rinses.


You might say what’s wrong with chewing ice when all it has is water. According to ADA, you must not chew on any hard object as it will bump up the chances of damaging the enamel and getting cracks in your teeth. Using the ice to chill a beverage is correct, but you must not chew on it. If you have a craving, go for chilled water.



Sour Candies

Though it’s addictive to keep consuming them, candies are harmful to our teeth. The situation worsens with sour candies. After finishing them, the acid released by the plaque is certainly harsher on the teeth. The primary reason is that these candies come with a chewy feature and end up sticking more firmly on your teeth.

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