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Facing Hair Growth Issues? Here Are A Few Herbs You Should Try! |

All of us have gone through hair-fall and its growth-related issues at least once in our life. Our tight schedule and hectic lives have removed the age barrier, and now, even youngsters face this issue at large. There are times when we have our hearts broken into pieces by looking at the place where we sat turned into the salon floor. This will also be a moment of panic that we are going to lose all our hair and become bald. However, we are here with the perfect solution, and you don’t need to worry about slow hair growth. You must know that our nature contains the answer to each and every issue. There are plenty of herbs that are available for you to choose from. Yes, we understand that it’s a confusing task, and you will find yourself in a confused spot without any guidance. Hair growth takes an impact due to the abnormalities in our body’s inner workings. Our food choices are becoming heavily processed, and that’s the primary culprit behind the nutritional imbalance in our bodies. In this blog, we will discuss a few herbs with you so that you can take good care of your health without getting anxious.

Facing Hair Growth Issues Here Are A Few Herbs You Should Try

Facing Hair Growth Issues Here Are A Few Herbs You Should Try


There are numerous ways of its application. The most common one is to apply it after mixing it with olive oil. The primary purpose of this herb is to assist the circulation in giving your hair the best growth. It will also help you in putting a check on the graying that is premature. As it is also one of the best moisturizers, you can apply it to treat the flaky scalp that might be causing hindrance in hair growth.

Ginkgo Biloba

The sole purpose of use of this herb is to allow your blood circulation to be smoother and reach the follicles that need enough blood flow to strengthen your hair at the roots. The most common way of its implementation is through tea or water as the herb offers proper impact through digestion, not just topically.

Aloe Vera

Several brands use the gel of this plant in their products that are used for hairstyling. The primary function of this gel is to bring your scalp’s pH levels back to normal so that your hair can grow without any issues. The hydrating property of aloe vera will also help you keep your hair perfectly moisturized. The best way to apply it is by massaging smoothly on the scalp.


In the list of herbs, peppermint is the one that holds a high position when it comes to giving your scalp the required compound it needs to grow hair. It will clear out all the irritations that are present on the scalp, but it will also help you keep it moisturized. It will only work with the scalp, so it becomes a crucial add-on to your hair care. The best way to apply it is through an oil massage, but you can also take the digestion route and consume it with tea.




If your scalp is struggling to balance its pH levels, there are high chances that the anti-bacterial properties will be able to clear it all away. The growth will be stopped primarily by the fungus or parasites present on the scalp. A considerable number of brands use this herb in their products. We highly recommend massaging your scalp with lavender and a few other essential oils to get the best results. Like any other herb, you can consume it with tea.

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