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Sugar Is Bad For Your Health: Here’s Why |

There are high chances that you are entirely unaware of the fact that your favorite snack has a considerable amount of added sugar. When we glance at the packaging, sugar is added to a significant chunk of processed foods. It is also one of the primary reasons behind the experts and health activists warning you not to consume these items. There are many sauces and a wide range of peanut butter jars that mention the amount of added sugar in them. We live in a world where a significant diet is based on ready-to-go items, precisely due to our tight schedules. Now, when you add up the consumption of these products based on the daily intake, you will find a significant number of calories that are going in just from the sugar. In a recent study published, it was found out that an average adult consumes around 17% of their calories through the added sugar in these products. The guidelines that suggest an average calorie count says that this figure must remain below 10%. It is also one of the primary reasons for increasing type 2 diabetic patients and other illnesses such as obesity. In this blog, we will discuss the dangers projected by high sugar intake.

Sugar Is Bad For Your Health Heres Why

Sugar Is Bad For Your Health Heres Why

Weight Gain

The beverages that we consume in abundance are the primary culprit of the increasing cases of obesity and other weight-related issues such as cardiovascular illnesses. These drinks have fructose which is simple sugar. It will bump up the hunger when you have it in your body. It is since it alters leptin, the hormone responsible for alerting your mind to stop eating.

More Acne

If you are facing the issue of acne, there are high chances that it is due to the meals that have high amounts of refined carbs and added sweetening. For example, the processed sweets that you eat come with quite a high glycemic index that will bump up the blood sugar levels much quicker. This spike will hinder the androgen secretion. It is responsible for controlling inflammation and oil production of the body.

High Risk Of Cancer

There are a certain number of cancers that come with high chances of contraction when it comes to the sugar impact. If you overlook all the aspects, these meals will cause obesity which itself is responsible for cancer. Also, a number of studies published claim that the increased sugar intake will make your body resistant to insulin along with increased inflammation.

High Risk Of Depression

Our mood is directly proportional with the type of food that we consume. When we include a healthy diet in our routine, it certainly improves our health. The meal that comes with high sugar will easily become the primary culprit of taking you to depression and anxiety.

Increase In Heart Disease

There are a plethora of research cases that showcase the direct connection between cardiovascular illnesses and sugary diets. We are seeing a spike in the number of such cases worldwide. Our heart takes a direct impact by the body weight and by saying so, we can say that obesity is also one of the primary factors responsible for a majority of heart diseases.

Increase In Heart Disease

Increase In Heart Disease

Final Thoughts

As you must have grasped by now, diets with added sugar carry a huge set of negatives. We aren’t suggesting to completely eliminate sugar from the diet but excessive amounts of it will have a serious damage on your body. Try to cut down the sugar intake by having whole fruits instead of smoothies from the supermarket.

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