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Starting Your Career As a Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is not just restricted to a person or two. It is spreading like a fire in the jungle of our society as we often see some prestigious companies commit fraud. There are different areas of specialization for a fraud lawyer and no lawyer can specialize or become an expert in all types of fraud. Some of the major fields in which a fraud lawyer can specialize include broker fraud, stock fraud, investment fraud, securities fraud and consumer fraud.

Generally, a fraud lawyer represents clients in pyramid schemes, bait and switch advertising, false advertising cases and many more. A fraud lawyer is responsible for taking action against the companies or individuals involved in fraudulent practices in their everyday activities.

1. It is prerequisite for admission in a law school to have four years of college or university education. You need to have a bachelor’s degree with a good overall GPA. No matter which major you choose to complete your bachelor’s degree, the things matter is your GPA. So, keep your GPA high throughout your four years of study.

2. The next prerequisite for admission in a law school is to pass the Law School Admission test (LSAT) with high score. This test is held four times a year and you can take it as many time to improve the score. Its registration fee is $136. You can get the detail about the registration process and prep material on the Law School Administration Council’s website,

3. Though, everyone wants to get into a school of his/her choice, but it is not always possible to get admission in your selected school as competition is usually high. It is for this reason, always keep the doors open for you and apply in several schools to ensure that you will get admission. Shortlist the schools of your choice where you want to apply from a list of approved schools by American bar Association (ABA).

4. Remember, your aim is to become a fraud lawyer and you have to choose the courses that will teach you the aspects of fraud law. As we have explained earlier about the different fields in which you can specialize. You have to make up your mind and choose that field to become a fraud lawyer. Law studies are relatively tough and much of your time will spend in library reading and studying fraud cases.

5. During your law school, try to get an internship with a licensed fraud lawyer and learn some practical aspects of working environment and also how you have to deal with the fraud cases.

6. On graduating from law school, you will earn your JD degree. Get some information about the bar exam and take few weeks to review the entire course. You will be tested on your knowledge about the state and federal law through this exam.

7. Pass the bar exam and obtain your license to start your career as a fraud lawyer. Get your name enlisted in the online database of ABA as a fraud lawyer.

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