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Council opts to raise salaries, cut insurance contributions – Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Feb 16, 2023
With a 7-0 vote Williamsport City Council on first reading Thursday night set salaries for city council that will result in the city spending less by eliminating the health insurance contributions for council members.
The expected net savings are between $80,000 to $100,000, according to Council President Adam Yoder.
The council salaries would increase by 3% for the first year; 2.5% for year two; 2.5% for year three and 3% for the fourth year, which are in line with the police contract.
That would be an increase of $7,000 for most council members, $7,250 for council vice president and $7,500 for council president.
Salaries since 1972 have been $3,000 per council person; $3,250 for council vice president and $3,500 for the council president.
If unchanged before adoption in two weeks, the council president will be paid $10,500; the council vice president, $10,250 and council members $10,000 each. It would start on the year that they are elected to office or in some cases reelected, according to Norm Lubin, city solicitor.
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