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Child Custody and The Right Lawyer – Joseph Vann Hamby

Child custody is one of those things that people must deal with in life from time to time. It may be from a boyfriend girlfriend relationship that went awry or a marriage that miserably failed. Either way it’s not a pleasant subject once it’s time to work out legitimization or divorce proceedings. Many times, a boyfriend and girlfriend will have a disagreement and have been living together for quite some time. Or a marriage of many years or just a few years may fail due to irreconcilable differences. Either way interviewing the right attorney will lead to the best possible outcome to solve initial discrepancies of a separation.

If the situation at hand is a breakup between a girlfriend and a boyfriend who have lived together, this situation could get sticky. Inasmuch, as we thought we could trust this person we were with forever, this just is not the case. The unfortunate thing is that there is now a child involved, and no matter how we spent our time together with the other person the situation has become very conflicted. For as we thought we were making the best choice at the time to create a child with our partner, things seem to be falling apart on multiple levels. The situation will be tough to navigate because of the many legal landmines that exist in family law. Finding the proper legal representation for child legitimization, custody hearings, child support hearings, and all other legal discussions will require an experienced lawyer in family law.

Many of the legal hurdles noted above will also affect married couples. There is a nuance in many states that can throw custody and divorce into a tailspin. False allegations being one legal landmine that you may not expect to happen. Legal advice may be given to use a TPO or temporary protective order against one spouse of the other based on previous arguments that may have happened in the relationship. This can set one side up to look guilty of domestic violence and the other side to look as though they are a victim of death domestic violence. These are scary things to happen to oneself when the relationship is in total chaos. Interviewing the right lawyer will help reduce the stress of false allegations and other lies that may be told on one party or the other.

Do people lie divorce proceedings? Unfortunately, lies do happen and people are not always truthful about the facts and circumstances that led to the breakup. We must have faith in humanity that we as a people can always come to the consensus that truth exists. Having the right at person advocate in a child custody hearing is quintessential in terms of custody to the child is 18 years of age. One must consider, that, life will continue to move on and forward. Having said that, be patient, temperate, and above all keep your cool. When the right attorney, one can diligently go through the lengthy process of child custody and child legitimization court proceedings. Uncontested divorces can take up to seven months to complete maybe even a year. Contested proceedings of any type can take several years, so don’t be surprised as such.

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