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Bill proposes requiring all Virginia motorists to have insurance – WWBT

Virginia drivers may soon be required to have car insurance to drive in the commonwealth after bipartisan support sent legislation to the governor for approval.
Senate Bill 951, which is being carried by Republican Sen. Frank Ruff of Mecklenburg, would repeal an option in state law for drivers to register an uninsured motor vehicle by paying a $500 fee. The registration does not provide vehicle insurance to drivers.
Virginia and New Hampshire are the only two states in the U.S. to not require car insurance, according to AAA.
Macaulay Porter, a spokeswoman for Gov. Glenn Youngkin, said the governor will review the legislation.
“Most uninsured drivers have limited assets to either pay for their repairs at the time of the accident or assets for others to attach,” said Ruff in an email to the Mercury. “Therefore, they are doing the repairs partially themselves or junking the vehicle.”
Under the legislation, all registrations of uninsured vehicles would expire prior to July 1, 2024.
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